Undergraduate Studies

The Undergraduate Program of Studies has been designed to provide a firm theoretical foundation as well as practical experience in basic and advanced technology in Molecular Biology & Genetics. During the first two years, students are exposed to basic concepts, state-of-the-art approaches and current methods of Molecular Biosciences. A variety of intermediate and advanced courses at the third and fourth year, provides an in depth exploration of Molecular Biology and Genetics as well of their applications. A number of elective courses cover current and evolving trends in basic and applied Molecular Biology and Genetics. Students have the opportunity to undertake a diploma thesis, and perform their own research project either in the University or in collaborating Research Institutes during the final semester.

Undergraduate studies at the Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics are extended over eight semesters, two per academic year. Five to seven courses are taught in each semester. Several courses involve practicals and tutorials. Attendance is mandatory in the practicals and the tutorials. A BSc in Molecular Biology & Genetics is awarded after four years of study, the successful completion of all compulsory courses, attended 8 optional modules and completed the degree dissertation thesis or successfully attended 18 optional modules and thus have accumulated 240 ECTS credits.

Upon completion of the studies, the graduates of the Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics will be able to:

describe the basic biological concepts and principles.
demonstrate a thorough and sophisticated knowledge base in molecular biology & genetics and describe in detail the current knowledge in these scientific disciplines.
have acquired basic knowledge and laboratory skills in the Technology of the Biosciences, as well as advanced knowledge and laboratory skills in the Technology of Molecular Biology & Genetics and will be able to pursue a professional career in Biosciences or enrol in a graduate studies program.
critically evaluate data, form a hypothesis, and design experiments using the scientific method.
communicate scientific data and ideas, both orally and in writing.
You can download the 2018-2019 Curriculum of Studies here




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