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The Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics was founded in 2000 according to the Presidential Decree 179, 6/9/1999. MBG is the only University Department in Greece dedicated to providing a curriculum in Molecular Biology & Genetics, two fast growing scientific disciplines that lie in the heart of Innovation in Health, Food, Environment and Agriculture. MBG along with the Department of Medicine form the School of Health Sciences of Democritus University of Thrace. The organization of Department and the development of the undergraduate course program of MBG were financially supported by the Reconstruction Programs EPEAEK, managed by the European Union and the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

Initially the Department operated in the University Hospital (2000-2003) and then (2003-2008) in a Building of the Old University Hospital located within walking distance from the center of the city. As of 2008 MBG operates in a modern building of 3500 sq.m in the University Campus, outside of the city next to the Department of Medicine and the University Hospital.

The three first Faculty members were appointed in 2003 and within the next five years seven members of the Faculty were appointed. During the first years of operation the main pursuit of the Faculty was the development of a sound program of undergraduate studies offering a high level education as well as the establishment of the basic research infrastructure. The relocation of the Department in 2008 in combination with the competitive funding acquired by the faculty resulted in the development of advanced educational and research infrastructure and stregthened the existing collaborations with research entities in Greece and abroad. MBG employs 20 Faculty members internationally trained and committed to academic and scientific excellence.

MBG enrolled the first students in September 2000 and 636 BScs in Molecular Biology & Genetics have been awarded so far. As of 2013, MBG offers a post-graduate program on “Translational Research in Molecular Biology & Genetics” which aims to prepare researchers to work at the interface of the basic Molecular Biosciences and Medicine.

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