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The Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics of Democritus University of Thrace employs 21 Faculty members internationally trained and committed to academic and scientific excellence. Through competitive funding, the members of the Faculty have attracted over 5 million euros and have equipped MBG with basic and advanced facilities to perform high quality research in molecular biosciences.

1. Agianian Bogos (Pavlos)
Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology with an emphasis in Structural Biology
2. Boukouvala Sotiria
Assistant Professor of Molecular Genetics
3. Boulougouris Georgios
Assistant Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry
4. Chatzaki-Alexiou Maria
Associate Professor of Systematic and Ecology of terrestrial animals
5. Chlichlia Ekaterini
Associate Professor of Molecular Immunology
6. Fakis Giannoulis
Assistant Professor of Human & Model Organisms Genetcs
7. Fylaktakidou Konstantina
Professor of Organic Chemistry
8. Galanis Alex
Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology with an emphasis in Cell Signaling
9. Glykos Nikolaos
Assistant Professor of Structural and Computational Biology,
10. Grigoriou Maria
Professor of Molecular & Developmental Biology
11. Katsani Ekaterini
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
12. Kedraka Ekaterini
Assistant Professor of  Didactics of Biosciences
13. Kourkoutas Ioannis
Associate Professor of Applied Biotechnology
14. Koffa Maria
Associate Professor of Cellular Biology
15. Maroulakou Ioanna
Professor of Genetics
16. Mavromara Penelope
Professor of Biochemistry
17. Pappa Aglaia
Associate Professor of Molecular Physiology
18. Paschou Peristera
Associate Professor of Population Genetics
19. Sandaltzopoulos Raphail
Professor of Molecular Biology
20. Skavdis Georgios
Associate Professor of Molecular Biology

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